26 Jun 2018

Beyond Seen Screen ICO Review - The Missing Link Between Video And Content

This is a unique venture that would help provide content that is embedded in video files which are often missed out from ordinary viewing tools and platforms. Beyond Seen Screen proposes to be a platform that would have innovative tools for helping video viewers to find and realize hidden and embedded information in video files. It would help video content users to find new dimensions of information which they might view on their smartphone with the help of the application that this platform provides.

Features of Beyond Seen Screen

This blockchain based application, when activated on a tablet or smartphone, would provide the following features:
  • One could be watching a film, music video or a true story and wishes to know more about the details of the events linked or showcased on the video content. Beyond Seen Screen would help provide related information that is related to the video content you are viewing.
  • The application would work by focusing on the video content on the mobile device and help you seek information related to the video and contents in it.
  • Whether one is watching games, interviews, VR/AR content, bloopers and so forth, all such content can be enriched by providing related content on a second screen which the application provides. These would comprise replays, scoreboards, polls and so forth.
  • Even commercial videos would have great scope for marketing through this platform as services and products showcased on such video content could be accessed for shopping. Hence, it would act as a unique marketing platform whereby products and services can be linked through video content for direct online purchases.
  • The platform would offer smart contract tokens to those who provide content on the platform that others can view and access.

The platform is based on the blockchain technology so that the transactions done through video content are recorded and made transparent. Hence, whether one is accessing information or using video content for marketing purposes, the user interactions are captured through blockchain technology. 
This would enable marketers to capture data of preferences and interests of those who view their audiovisual content. They would also not be able to alter the date which would aid business and data transparency.

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The team behind Beyond Seen Screen

This project comprises a core team of founders who are professionals from diverse fields and domains. With the technological expertise to bring this unique application to the forefront and combined with blockchain technology, Mario Drevensek, Miroslav Zaric, Kresimir Puljic, Vanja Cas along with others are working to implement the platform fully.

Lucrative aspects of the platform

The technology proposed is a unique one that which would comprise of scanning video content and be able to produce information related to what is shown in the video. This technology has marketing potential that is sure to attract commercial segments of varied categories. The BSSX tokens would be issued that would help facilitate transactions on the platform as well as would have value as the supplies would be limited. Hence, it holds much potential for those who wish to upload quality content on the site or invest in the future of the platform.

Token Information

Name: BSSX
Token standard: ERC20
Total supply: 340.050.000 BSSX
Soft cap: 2.000 ETH
Hard cap: 18.000 ETH
Currency accepted: ETH

Minimum participation: 0.1 ETH

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