16 Aug 2018

connect the worlds of cryptocurrency and traditional payment instruments with Paygine

Token                PGC
Price                  1 PGC = 1 USD
Bonus                Available
Platform            Ethereum
Accepting           BTC, ETH, Fiat
Soft cap             3000000 USD
Hard cap            30,000,000 USD
Country             USA
Restricted areas China, South Korea

                                     What The Paygine ?

Paygine is a financial platform designed to offer cryptocurrency-related servicesto both individuals and businesses, allowing for easier, faster, and less expensivecurrency transactions in a variety of usage scenarios. In short, Paygine is designedto help consumers and businesses use cryptocurrency as simply and conveniently  as any other currency, everyday life.
The Problem 

The technical and regulatory complexity of each country is different, causing the cryptocurrency to have no comfort and acceptance in various parts of the world. traditional payment instruments such as bank accounts, credit cards, and cash. a way to solve this problem is needed by offering a universal open financial platform, which will connect the world of cryptocurrency and traditional paymentsinstrument.

                                         The Solution 
Paygine intends to buy two banks in jurisdictions known to be hospitable for companies working with cryptocurrencies: one in Europe (presumably Switzerland), and another in the Caribbean. This will allow Paygine to ensure the stable operation of its financial platform around the world.The system will be built on.  Paygine’s existing financial platform and will take into account the laws and regulations to work with cryptocurrencies in the jurisdiction in which each of its banks is located, enabling it to provide full-fledged services to clients from different region.
Paygine will allow both individuals and businesses to maintain a walletwhich has a mix of selected fiat currencies and cryptocurrency, easily conversion between them; use bank cards to buy whatever they want online or in stores around the world (and allows sellers to receive such payments); and totransfer their money to or from other users in the world instantly and safely.

Targeted Clients
  1. Peer-to-peer aggregator platforms that integrate people to sell productsor provide servicesdirectly, without intermediaries (i.e., Airbnb, Avito, Uber, Freelance.ru, etc.)
  2. Companies that create wallets and crypto-wallets;Solutions for international money transfers on the basis of cryptocurrency;
  3. Internet shops and Internet services;
  4. Exchanges and trading platforms;
  5. Fin-tech companies.
Best2Pay currently works with more than 50 clients, including banks and other financial services companies.

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