28 Aug 2018

Dominium - Expanding property financing services, property listings and property management platforms

Munte Immobilien (MI), est. 1833, and Max Property Group, est. 2016 is a property financing company that has established and managed with hundreds of millions of Euros of real estate assets under ownership and management, which has been producing healthy returns for investors.Munte Immobilien (MI) and Max Property Group (MPG) are developing the DOMINIUM platform, this is an asset and property registration platform, visited by the sale of DOM token tokens. DOM token tokens consist of utility token tokens and can be used to execute transactions on a platform, such as creating assets, trading assets, listing properties, leasing property and choosing a charity.

To expand funding. MI and MPG have experience in the property world, having experience managing hundreds of millions of Euros. They currently manage property funds in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany. which produces consistent returns for investors, supported by audit accounts and a proven business model. 

 To focus on expanding funding, as a form of serving people who previously could not invest in property investment. MI and MPG intend to open up their products to be more open.  The Dominium property platform will allow users to register, trade, finance and manage property assets using a set of tools, with all activities recorded securely on the blockchain. Business tools will include full Client Relations Management, project management, and maintenance systems.

What Is Dominium ?
Dominium B.V. is a company registered in the Netherlands which is developing its property software system, Dominium platform. In addition to the development and maintenance of the Dominium platform, the company invests in property assets. Dominium B.V. is supervised by Confidon and publishes audited accounts.
How to register on the platform?
To register on the platform and buy assets, trade, rent property, etc.
- You must be verified. To verify you need to
- Verify your email
- Verify your cellphone number
- Upload a valid ID (Passport, photo ID, driving license)
- Upload a proof of address (current telephone utility or bank statement (no longer than 3 months)
- Provides bank account details in the account holder's name
Until it's verified, you won't have access to the full functionality of

More Information :
Website     https://dominium.me
Twitter       https://twitter.com/Dominium_me

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