9 Aug 2018

Inscoin Makes the Knox Company with Customers to be a Very Fair Relationship

Issues of certification and anti-counterfeiting insurance policies are a big problem for insurance companies. besides that in the collection of credit by the company often experience delays. In the development of the world of insurance the management factor of the company is very influential in deciding whether this accident is in accordance with the provisions in the policy. With Blockchain technology between the real world and the digital world can be combined & Blockchain technology creates the most efficient and sophisticated structure in the sector. With a smart contract, in an accident that is experienced by customers, real judges who will decide whether or not to pay them are no longer insurance companies that can have opportunistic behavior. But with the blockchain system, human opinion does not influence in deciding whether this accident complies with the provisions in the policy. This benefit by using blockchain technology will be the most important because it will increase the company's transparency towards customers.

Is that InsCoin for Knox? 
The KNOX project will be the first insurance company to provide smart solutions in corporate management, namely by combining the real world with the digital world using Blockchain technology, Knox makes the best company management for insurance policy and anti-counterfeiting issues. The Knox company has the most efficient and sophisticated structure management.Knox Company provides the incorporation of insurance policies in traditional paper forms and in the form of smart contracts these policies can be monitored by customers in real time with good transparency and security. this makes the platform developed by knox insurance fully automatic and eliminates the possibility of conflicts of interest between the parties involved.

Why choose Inscoin for Knox?

Token sales play a key role in project development to gather economic resources. The INSCOIN project intends to use, among the many available, Ethereum blockchain, which currently presents the largest number of real cases used by economic services and transactions that are currently operating. This innovative service making the KNOX Destination to reach, by exploiting blockchain, decentralization the entire insurance system. Decentralization means transformation traditional insurance policies from paper to smart contracts. 

Smart contract policies in blockchain technology provide various benefits, namely

  • The spread of fake insurance policies is avoidedbecause that is the same system that issued them after receiving payment.
  • The company will not have a delay in collecting credit,because the policy is issued only after receiving payment.
  • Accident events, the wisdom of smart cons will be a true judge decide whether or not to pay they are no longer a company, who can have opportunistic behavior, but the block-chain system will decideThis accident is in accordance with the provisions in the policy.
This benefit will certainly be the most important because it will increase the transparency of the company to customers.

Smart contract users make a fair relationship between the company and customers will be reached to the maximum. the name and reputation of the company are the main factors. a maximum transparency allows the company to have a reputation for handling customer behavior that has never been seen before.

 Basic Information
Token                          : INSC
PreICO Price              :  1 INSC = 0.0002 ETH
Price                            :  1 INSC = 0.0002 ETH
Bonus                         :   available
Platform                     :  Ethereum
Accepting                   : ETH
Minimum investment :  0.1 ETH
Soft cap                      :  4,000 ETH
Hard cap                     :  39,444 ETH
Country                      : Estonia
Whitelist/KYC           :  KYC
Restricted areas          :  USA, China

 General Road Map
  1.  Study Project realization  (March 2017)Team building Establishment of the first collaborative network
  2.  Forecast Business plan  (May 2017) Legal consulting Invested €150’000
  3. IT insurance licensed platform
  4. (july 2017) Invested €300’000 for certified insurance platform 4 Insurance partnerships
  5. (October 2017) Partnership with more than 300 insurance brokers ready to work with the companiesICO planning  (December 2017) PRE-ICO ICO planning and development of a marketing plan.
  6. ICO Trade inscoin on the main exchanges Compliance to obtain insurance license Introduction of internal platform Smart contract in the insurance business. 

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