23 Aug 2018

INTRO Technology - The Solution for Construction and Real Estate Industry

Our team has been creating software for real estate professionals since 2016. Our first project was initiated by Gosstroy Group, a property development holding established in Russia in 2009. The portfolio of Gosstroy Group includes 14 completed property development projectsand 13 running
projects with total area of some 200,000 square meters. Gosstroy company is a General partner and investor of INTRO. Gosstroy invested $2 million in the company INTRO Technology.
Now we want to offer our pro-level services to private property buyers from all over the world. To make services accessible for global users, the team launched blockchain development and issued INTRO token compatible with ERC-20 standard.

The Problem 
We have the best solution for many question what we always to ask.
How the prblem about Property market intransparency ?
We record all property deals in a private blockchain. The records are obtained from official state sources.
How the prblem about Markup of banks & intermediaries ?
 We exclude all market agents between a developer and a property buyer. The direct deals are protected by smart contracts.
How the prblem about High property price ?
We help homebuyers save up to 30% by booking a property on the construction stage. Developers’ business record is provided to minimize risks.
How the prblem about Inaccessible or expensive mortgage ?
We develop a smart contract for property purchase by installment payments directly to the developer. No interest added = 0% property loan.
How the prblem about Expensive vacation properties ?
We develop a smart contract for timeshared investment. This allow for buying a 21/365 share in a summer house, which equals to a regular 3 weeks vacation per year
How the prblem about High entry barriers at rental market ?
We develop a social network for private property investors.  This allow for finding co-investors and split the costs and revenues of a profitable property (e.g., rent or resale).

What The INTRO Technology ?
 INTRO Technology is an ecosystem of blockchain-based solutions for real estate market participants. Provide market analytics & management tools  for  property developers and investors.  Provide a digital marketplace of real  estate to all market participants. We will create a social network for propert brokers & private investors. We will provide smart contracts for shared property investment, property purchase by  installment payments and direct contracts with developers.

INTRO Technology
 We provide System Components  :

INTRO  Analytica
INTRO Analytica is a Business Intelligence system for residential property market used by developers, investors & analysts. INTRO Analytica is processing raw data from the state property register and displays current market trends in graphic charts and tables.

INTRO Sale  
INTRO Sale is a private marketplace of real estatewith a smart 

 INTRRE state is a platform for property purchase by installment payments.

 INTRO COINvest  is designed specially for the INTRO Token holders who can’t operate at the property market due to the limited funds. We will provide you an opportunity to find fellow co-investors at our social platform.

Tokensale Specification
PRICE                                                       : 1 INTRO Token (ITR)  costs $0.40
Total Token Emission (tokensale + team) : 20 0 million(200 000 000) ITR
Total Tokensale (hard cap)                        : 15 million USD Minimum
Tokensale (soft cap)                                  : 3 million  USD
When the hard cap  is  reached, no more   : ITR willbe created.
The  total amount of 200 million INTROs : will not be exceeded.
Token price                                                  : USD 0.40 (40 US cents)
Token code                                                : INTRO / ITR
Minimum purchase per one person           : 12 USD
Maximum purchase per one person          : 5  million  USD
Pre- sale                                                     : 2 million
ITR PRE -ICO                                           : 10 million ITR ICO 158 million
ITR Accepted crypto-currency                  : BTC, ETH
Countries where citizens are allowed        : All countries, except the Socialist  Republic of Vietnam
to purchase  INTRO Tokens

How our customers use INTRO products?

Property Developers
- Analyze market trends and competition in all locations
- Plan sales and new development with demand forecasts
- Attract investors & trade with real estate brokers
- Check the developers’ business record and find reliable companies
- Compare offers and invest in the most profitable construction projects
- Meet other investors and co-invest
- Oversee construction activities of private actors
- Predict the housing need in certain areas
- Timely open auctions for new land plots
- Check the developers’ business record and find reliable companies
- Buy apartments and houses with 10-30% discounts
- Buy properties from developer by installment payment with 0% interest
Real estate brokers
- Quickly find and compare offers in the market
- Book and buy out discounted properties from the developers
- Re-sale booked properties at open market with 10-30% margin
Banks & building societies
- Analyze the demand for mortgage and business loans
- Find construction projects for investment & homeloan programs
- Check the builders’ record and find reliable contractors

Team Leader 

Contact Author :
User Name : iulius99
BTC   : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=156562
ETC :  0x3ddE644022ecbe3AE546424eC090d1f2Ac821877

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