27 Aug 2018

JBBIT REVIEW- Creating an ecosystem network to connect cannabis communities around the world

JIBBIT is  a new German company, is preparing innovative blockchain solutions for the cannabis industry. This includes shipping services for marijuana in the US and markets for cannabis accessories in Europe and the US.  Basically, our network is based on three pillars: Jibbit Marketplace, Jibbit-Runner and Jibbit Doc. Our overall vision is to connect the marijuana community to the crypto world. The benefits of the Blockchain are intended to make the marijuana market truly independent. 

Token Info
The Jibbit token is based on the programming of the ERC20 token. Jibbit Tokens also make the payment process transparent, and anonymous at the same time. Without information on unpleasant usage in bank transfers. The use of Blockchain makes transactions safer, cheaper and faster than traditional payment transactions.
Name                       Jibbit Token 
Ticker                          JIB
    Type                          Utility Token
Technologies               Ethereum / ERC-20
   Token Total                700.000.000
    Token for Sale          420.000.000
Price per Jibbit Token $0,05 USD
 Softcap                       $1.000.000 USD

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