28 Aug 2018

Kuraizon - The solution to providing great data n for medical development

Experts assess that high costs in drug development are caused by a lack of relevant data and adherence to drug use. According to the Tufts Center study on Drug Development Reports, around $ 2.6 trillion. this is a very large number.

Efficient data collection through chain-block techniques appears as an alternative.
to solve the problem of high costs in the development of new drugs has been developed. Curaizon uses block-chain technology to provide reliable and standard real-time large data for pharmaceutical companies, medical researchers and health care professionals.

Curaizon develops anonymized and standardized data sets that can be easily used by medical researchers and pharmaceutical companies.

Why Are Our Medical Data Valuable?

Because we collect a lot of data showing every patient every day,like data:- visit- additional to the doctor,- inpatient,- biometrics- and the interaction of other health care providers
We quickly build an overall picture of not only patient compliance, but also their behavior. We can model behavior using AI and machine learning systems. And also because the data does not exist elsewhere. Today, there is no accurate, real-time compliance or behavior data for patients taking drugs.

Social Benefit
  •  Better Lives.
  •  Better Research.
  •  Better Healthcare.
  •  Money Saved.

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