23 Aug 2018

Module - The platform have has great potential as a platform that can provide other distributed application services.

This module is a blockchain-based platform that offers free mobile storage assets. With this platform module, it is very possible for users to mine and rent unused GB even from small portable devices, this means that each cellphone owner can participate in the Module business and generate. Module consensus algorithm allows you to get rewards by lending storage space. So when the storage capacity of the device develops and expands, one can expect a variety of services offered to be expanded. In addition to issuing new original coins, users will also be able to develop Dapps (decentralized applications) on the platform.

Token                      : MODL
Product Type           : Platform
Registration Country: Cayman Islands

Consensus Algorithm
The storage network is decentralized by POSTT, this network can perform data storage and data transfer functions (downloads etc.) in two markets. Both markets are data storage markets and data service markets. A client and miner determine the service price, form an ORDER on the market,
and process every ORDER.
About the PoSTT block chain mechanism
Blockchain PoSTT was born from the idea of introducing blockchain technology to the cloud - which is server based. Existing client server solutions are beset by server management costs and hacker attacks. Step in the client server solution, user data is stored on the client server, and data can be leaked or destroyed if the server is attacked. However, this data security problem can be fixed by distributing and storing user data using the P2P method on the blockchain. In addition, this data can be stored at a lower cost.

Reward system in PoSTT and the process of uploading/downloading data
The reward system in the PoSTT blockchain is as follows.In the PoSTT blockchain, the reward is proportional to the size of the data, the time for which the data is stored in the node (Farmer) that provided the storage, and the volume of transactions.
About Gas and the PoSTT fee
All smart transactions and contracts processed on the PoSTT blockchain can be seen as scripts. For example, by looking at a simple transaction, the transaction can be seen as a combination of the opcode. This means that from the opcode is the minimum unit which is the script of the transaction. For example, when we see the "Push PublicKey" instruction, it is a simple command to enter PublicKey on the stack.

 Road Map
May 2018
Management of the token sale
Participation in Consensus 2018
Start of Module platform development
Start of MODL App development

July 16, 2018

Start of presale

July 31, 2018

End of presale

August 1, 2018
Start of ICO

September 30, 2018
End of ICO

September 2018
Listing on exchange
Start of development of the Secret Sharing service

October 2018
Building of mining server
Testing of MODL App beta version

November 2018

Testing of Module platform

December 2018
Start of Module platform operation
Distribution of MODL App beta version

January 2019

MODL App in Google Play and App Store

Contact Author
User Name : iulius99
BTC : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=156562
ETH  :  0x3ddE644022ecbe3AE546424eC090d1f2Ac821877

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