24 Aug 2018

Papusha Ico - let's save the planet, green the earth green investment with rocket technology

At this time, the world has become prosperous where global warming has been felt by all the world population. this is created because of the greenhouse effect, and is also caused by the chimney disposal of factories that produce carbon, toxic gases, etc. Rocket technology owned by Papusa makes it one of the solutions that is able to overcome residues from refining waste. Rocket technology is capable of processing oil waste very efficiently. This is a technology that has been anticipated by many people. Innovative technology that addresses the problem of refining waste.
Teknologi ini akan memanfaatkan pembakaran transonik, yang akan menghilangkan residu beracun. Melalui modifikasi dari penemuan yang dibuat oleh A.I Papush, akan dimungkinkan untuk mengekstrak produk berharga seperti minyak tanah, solar, dan minyak sintetis.

This technology will utilize transonic combustion, which will remove toxic residues. Through modification of the findings made by Papush A.Is, it will be possible to extract valuable products such as kerosene, diesel fuel and synthetic oils.

Domestic worker units that have been developed have small dimensions, reliable, high efficiency, and low payback periods. This small PRT unit will have output of up to 60% of liquid fuel. There are no competitors for this technology in the world. There is already a lot of interest expressed by major oil refineries in the world. One domestic worker unit costs around $ 950,000 USD, which is far less than the cost of another less efficient unit.

What About Papusha Work?
Oil processing generates a lot of residues, which are of little use and are a threat to the ecology of the entire planet. Oil refineries pour residues into special containers or in so-called storage ponds.

Further, the substance enters the cooling unit, where a useful product is synthesized (kerosene, gasoline, oil, etc.). this case harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide are delineated into the atmosphere.

The valuable raw materials obtained in this environmentally friendly manner are accumulated in special tanks that are ready for further transportation and sale.

 Token ICO Details
  • Private Sale: June 1 – July 25
  • ICO: July 25 – September 25
  • Token Ticker: PRT
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Hard Cap: 13,500 ETH
  • Total tokens: 100 000 000
  • Tokens for sale: 75%
  • Price: 1 ETH = 3500 PRT 
Website papusha.io/
personal account lk.papusha.io
Twitter  https://twitter.com/papushatech
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Papusha-Rocket-tech
GitHub https://github.com/PRTICO/PapushaTokenSale

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