23 Aug 2018

Rateonium ICO - The New Way , How Blockchain is Applied in a Daily Activities

 The Rateonium network has been developed based on ideas and our user requirements. Thus, we are faced with things like reviews of absolute requests for authenticity. These basic requirements are met by two-way RTO verification for each review. On the basis of significant reviews, there will be mutual trust between the company and the customer. 
The applications that are expected to be easy to use for networks around the world, Application design is easy to use and the underlying algorithm allows users to make reviews with content that is significantly easier than before. Global partner companies and several language options allow for worldwide use and promote the diversity of the Rateonium community. Encryption and anonymity in the system: providing personal data protection, this is the most important component.
the idea behind the emergence of the Rateonium system is the creation of an internal currency
from registered customers, who have received reviews about the company.  this currency is exchanged as a reward for the participation of the company. 
This rewadr  is very varied. and can be adjusted. as for the number of tokens
Rateonium is exchanged based on the size of the prize.

This reward is very varied. and can be adjusted. as for the number of tokens
Rateonium is exchanged based on the size of the prize.
 the following is the process that will be felt Customer ,Chris are on a business trip. Chris plans to go to a restaurant together his friend. To find out which restaurant to visit, Chris opens the Rateonium application on his cellphone. Crhis wants the best restaurant, with the radiaus that cools it. Chris decided to go to a restaurant that is about 500 meters in radius eat with his friend. He and his friends were very happy with the dishes served. After Chris paid this service and verified with its Rateonium card, he has the opportunity to document his experience in the restaurant in the form of reviews, anonymized and made available for Rateonium networks worldwide. Number of Rateonium tokens are based on each purchase price product or service. So to buy € 5 worth of products, Chris received 50 Rateonium token. To build a sense of proportion between expensive and cheaperproducts, and to protect smaller companies from being discredited, there are higher ones1000 RTO limit. Furthermore, prizes can only be redeemed once at the same timebusiness within a certain period The frequency of ratings that can be submitted for the same company is also limited. This activate Rateonium to guarantee that no user can disproportionately exchange
a large number of prizes in one company and thus detrimental to the business. To protect user identity, reviews are only uploaded a few moments later it was delivered, according to a random algorithm. As a result, companies cannot see which user has sent a review, even though the token is distributed immediately after rating is verified. Because this can take between one and twelve hours, which is underlying The Blockchain transaction has no time limit. After the assessment runs, RTO token automatically generated by the Rateonium system and then automatically sent to paid.
Rateonium applies in the economyis the basis of each goal. By work together intensively with various
global company, application standard and technical requirements for blockchain based network recommendation already calculated during the creation of Rateonium
process. The subscription system allows Tieronium to guarantee functionality in a commercial process. This including installation each scanning system on the site and introduction of the system for the employee concerned. Participants in the Token Sales will introduced into Rateonium network right after launch system. This means there will be immediately become an impressive pool participants who are verified in the system which can be directly compared to potential new customers. Rateonium advanced marketing strategy in accordance with the roadmap expected to lead to rapid growth the number of global users starts in 2019.
Rateonium rating algorithm also offers unique process control features as part of modern quality management system through various company functions in the application. From the point of view consumer, Rateonium is the first comprehensive rating portal to offer user-friendly and cross-industry overview of verified customers review Exclusive properties of Rateonium
mainly based on some encryption processes it use, its basic protection personal information, and usage blockchains in the review system.
Token Sales
Token Ratec (RTC) issued in the Token Sales will be made based on
ERC20 provisions from blockchain Ethereum. Visit our website www.rateonium.com to find out the coding correctly using  smarts contract. Tokens can be stored in any ERC20 wallet. To make it easier for users to participate in Token Sales, there are explanation text on our website that describes the wallet. Too recommend a wallet that is very safe to prevent abuse.
Launch the System
Tokens sold during the Token Sale (RTC) event will be generated previously based on the provisions of ERC20. The Rateonium system token (RTO) that is introduced later will automatically generated when the review was made. Likewise, the detecting rating algorithm submission of ratings that qualify, the appropriate number of tokens is generated by the underlying blockchain. A new token is transferred to wallet address related to rating and recorded by each company as payment. When exchanging tokens for prizes, however, Rateonium is burned. This activates each gift, and the one that is related the number of RTO tokens will be burned immediately to fight inflation in a closed system.

Website        : https://rateonium.com/
Twitter          : twitter.com/rateonium
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