10 Aug 2018

BBOS Ico Review

So many People in various stages of their lives and careers are also motivated in different ways, with different abilities, uniqueness, talents, different interests. However, managers must work hard to adjust feedback to help individuals maximize their potential. as time goes by young people grow up in the world of work and baby boomers retire. involvement of managers and human resource professionals will need to develop new models taking into account generation differences between generations. Employee involvement must be a key consideration for managers. BBOS took the initiative to choose to accept changes. BBOS builds networks to enable better ways of working, new ways, ways that are supported by a broad community network, which will empower distributed workers to reach new heights regardless of their background, location, expertise, or socio-economic status.

What is BBOS ? 

BBOS is the next generation that is operated and regulated to manage distributed companies, themes, and projects on blockchain. BBOS is a flexible, evolving operating system fororganizations, is designed to automate wssential t advanced functions of instituional administration and connectivity.
BlackBox OS

Problem  and Solution

The concept of marginal change forms a core part of economic understanding. if we are starting from in the world of economics, this is as basic as one can get. but marginal canges will not be able to overcome problems caused by workers and capital problems. the idea of what companies or  organizations need to evolve to suit life.

BBOS set out to make a radical difference and leverage the immense talent, credibility and network at our disposal to build a model that inspires social innovation through a boosted capitalistic model for distributed teams.

Blockchain technology provides tremendous advantages from having a platform that is supported by blockchhain. data that is irreversible and accurate, which partners with transactional based models, awaits the future and we begin to embrace it. BBOS aims to make a radical difference and utilize the enormous talent, credibility and networks we have to build models that inspire social innovation through a capitalist model that is strengthened for distributed teams. 

Interoperability between ecosystem members that don’t share the same governance mold or structure. 

Blackbox OS is an operating system composed of configurable modules solving widespread inefficiencies.

Fair compensation leads to higher engagement and better work qualit.

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