7 Aug 2018

WPP ICO Platform for Global of Green Energy


There is no global market for electricity until now, it's very fragmented and consists of thousandssubsystem. While global energy demand continues to grow dramatically, this is a big differencebetween developed countries and the whole world.WPP Energy introduces a revolutionary concept along with GE generators that increase power generation production by 30% and reduce operating costs by 45%.this is how we can reduce dependence on fossil fuels that will become extinct. this is an extraordinary way of saving energy. the world will look for energy that is lively, green, wholesome wherever it is. and this is our great opportunity to play a role in the development of green energy

What The  WPP Energy ?

WPP energy is a Blockchain-based platform to facilitate the global electronic commerce of wholesale energy supplies the price of the Green Energy Supplier in the B2B, B2C and P2P Blockchain market platform focuses on focus target buyers around the world who want to buy, trade or resell renewable energy supplies and related products and services. Trust / Reputation, Privacy, Identity, Record Keeping, Digital Assets (energy contract), Financial Settlement, rebate programs based on Going Green Reward are all managed on Blockchain.

Electricity Market Problem

Projected  Growth  Of Renewable Energy Market Share

Over the long term, the global electricity market will be governed by new technologies to balance, store and trade energy between multiple intelligent participants including innovations in the blockchain marketspace such as the WPP Global Green Energy Platform. While new market conditions might be a serious threat for traditional players, they offer massive opportunity for the global, flexible and smart solutions that WPP Energy provides

Promising Future Profit Value Is big Project of WPP Energy

WPP Energy is a Joint Venture partner in large projects in several countries around the world valued at approximately $50B US. Some of the projects include long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) from 20 to 35 years. Alternative energy projects can include, conversion of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into electricity and into byproducts that will be used for local markets, our HHO projects, solar energy, wind power and any other proven alternative energy that meets return on investment requirements.

General Information

Token              WPP 
Platform          Ethereum 
Standard          ERC20 
Quantity          5,000,000,000 
Price                1 WPP = 0,20 USD 
Payment          ETH
Soft cap           5,000,000 USD  
Hard cap          50,000,000 USD

Start                 15 July 2018 
Completion      15 September 2018 
Bonus              1 WPP = 0,16 USD

Start                  22 September 2018 
Completion      22 Desember 2018

WPP Business Partners

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