25 Oct 2018

ETHERSHIFT - Ethershift tokens represent 50% of the GROSS profit of Ethershift.

Ethershit is a brand-new e-mail exchange! Ethershift tokens represent 50% of the GROSS profit of Ethershift. Each quarter, 50% of the gross profit will be used to buy back. They are slow. We've made the processof buying up and coming tokens easier than ever.

How it works

In this case, they would like to. The exchanged value gets sent to the original tokens. To make this possible, the exchange on trade exchange.
The average investor has a hard time using traditional decentralized exchanges. They are also generally slow. Ethershift looks to change that. According to their website, the buying process for up and coming tokens will now be easier than it has ever been. This is the future of trading ERC20 tokens.

Each transaction made on any of the Ethershift products yields a fee of up to 5%. The system automatically calculates the gross fee Ethershift collected after gas, and splits it into 2 wallets. One wallet is used for operating costs, salaries, legal, etc, and the other wallet is used to airdrop tokens to all Ethershift token holders in proportion to their ESH holdings.

The working principle of Ethershift.
To exchange tokens, the user sends a value to a special address (indicating the type of token to receive the value) and the exchanged value is sent back to the address from which the original token was sent.
This user experience is implemented by using hot wallets to perform exchanges and then later mirroring (hopefully at the same rate) for exchanges and regularly exchanging / hot wallets.
Ethershift handles profit tokens (half of the input token type, half of the output token type), taking into account the exchange rate risk. Third parties can integrate Ethershift into their own systems and gain a 50% profit through the Ethershift API.

WEBSITE: https://ethershift.co
ICO SITE: https://ico.ethershift.co/
WHITEPAPER: https://ico.ethershift.co/wp-content/themes/ethershift-ico/downloads/ethershift_whitepaper.pdf
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/ethershiftco

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