29 Oct 2018

PLATIO - Will be built into this robust infrastructure, and will work with crypto, fiat and stocks.

The Platio Ecosystem will be based on a seamlessly operated mobile and web interface, where users will have all the necessary data and tools at their fingertips to instantly transact with crypto, fiat or stock. Platio’s platform will be built on EOS technology, capable of hosting smooth, routine interactions of Platio’s multilayered ecosystem. Our digital management solution will be built into this robust infrastructure, and will work with crypto, fiat and stocks. The absence of harmonized international regulatory frameworks for the sale and use of cryptocurrency has impeded its adoption and the growth of global markets in digital assets. The Platio Ecosystem will facilitate financial operations in fiat, crypto and common stocks all within one ecosystem. It will also enhance the utility of crypto assets with two unique products: Asset Guard and Smart Escrow.

Asset Guard is a smart-contract based Platio product which is designed to protect the platform user’s assets against the high market volatility or the loss of access that can occur for several reasons such as the user’s death or simply losing his or her private keys. Auto Exchange smart contracts contain pre-set conditions to be executed when they are met, so the user’s assets stop further losses. This allows him or her to not constantly check his or her portfolio. It is possible for platform users to pre-set a certain period of time so that if the wallet is not activated for this period, the chosen assets are transferred to another wallet which the wallet owner previously chooses. This ensures that in unfortunate circumstances that the owner might find himself or herself in, assets stored in the platform are not lost forever.

The Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem will integrate the following solutions and features: Exchange and Brokerage, Asset Guard (auto exchange, standby transfer), Platio Payment Cards, Internal Transfers, Platio Payments and Remittances (SWIFT/SEPA/RIPPLE/OCT and mass payouts), Invoicing and Processing (merchant processing API and reporting features), Platio Smart Escrow. Almost all of the Platio solutions will be available both for individual users and businesses.
Token PGAS

Two of Platio’s features in particular got the conference buzzing. First, the ability to manage all your assets, whether crypto, fiat or stocks, from the same log-in. The current situation of multiple balances over many different accounts and wallets is, as Irina says, “a pain point of many attending the conference, even though most were avid crypto users.”
Innovative solution for the crypto world’s main challenges. Smart Banking Ecosystem for crypto, fiat and stocks, based on EOS blockchain technology. Platio aim to make crypto a widespread means of payment by increasing its utility. People will finally stop being afraid of crypto and will start using it regularly for payments. Platio builds a private Sidechain based on EOS technology and a predefined set of smart contracts backed. Platio Blockchain ensures a secure, fast and transparent internal business processes. The efficiencies created through Blockchain increases the organizational output and help cut down the transactional costs and processing time compared to traditional payment systems. All the assets within Platio Ecosystem are tokenized. Tokenized assets are used for internal transactions and smart contracts in Platio Ecosystem.

Token Information
Token PGAS
Price 1 PGAS = 0.0007 ETH
Platform EOS
Accepting ETH, BTC
Soft cap 5,000,000 EUR
Hard cap 34,500,000 EUR
Country UK
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA

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