26 Nov 2018

Asobi - So staying up to date with circulating news is critical

The cryptocurrency market is highly speculative, so staying up to date with circulating news is critical. Much of the market seems like a gamble at first glance, but you can become an intelligent cryptocurrency investor by learning about each of the tokens and by a particular project that I will be presenting to you in this article.

ASOBI COIN is digital content trade on distributed secondary market. A new blockchain economic era for the publishers creators and users.

You moreover will have the ability to buy and offer computerized content, for instance, funnies, diversion things and music that you need to impart to other people.
. With the platform Asobimo, clients are guaranteed of anchored amusement thing trade, reasonable, and present day advertise for a wide range of diversions and virtual products. 

Asobi Market
Uses blockchain technology to provide a protected system to distribute secondary content (used).
- Item game 
- Software
- e-book
- Music
- Video
- etiquette

Game items :
You can sell rare weapons or other game items at our store and then exchange them into cryptocurrency. You can use that cryptocurrency on new games or other digital content.

You can sell read digital manga at our secondary bookstore and then exchange them into cryptocurrency.

Music :
If you have music that you are not listening to anymore, you can easily sell them at our store and then exchange into

Token Information
Token ABX
Price 1 ABX = 1 JPY
Platform Ethereum
Minimum investment 1ETH
Soft cap 550000000 JPY
Hard cap 5500000000 JPY
Country Estonia
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Restricted areas China, USA

Website : https://asobimo.io/en/
Whitepaper : https://asobimo.io/pdf/white_paper_en.pdf
Telegram : https://asobimo.io/en/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/AsobiCoin
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Asobi-Coin-130436194467568/

Contact Author
User Name : iulius99
Bitcoin Profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=156562
ETH : 0x3ddE644022ecbe3AE546424eC090d1f2Ac821877

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