28 Nov 2018

Dafzo - Provides users with highly innovative services.

The blockchain technology and artificial intelligence are used by Dafzo platform to democratize and revolutionize international trade finance, consignment forwarding system, and global e-commerce logistics by systematically eliminating the bank and geographical barriers. This platform will help small logistics companies tackle the issues of safety, smuggling, and frauds.

Dafzo works
  • The users of the decentralized global logistics platform request goods from any e-stores around the world.
  • They can request the delivery of consignments, parcels or shipments to their doorsteps through local custodian address.
  • The e-store will forward the request for delivery of the consignment to the custodian country local address.
  • The delivery team associated with this project collects the products or parcels from the custodian local address and ship the consignments to the delivery address of the users.
  • When the parcel, shipment or consignments are received by the users, which is confirmed through receipt, then the local custodians will receive their fee in DFZ token.

Dafzo, Global Logistics Aggregator is First ever P2P, a next- generation open-source decentralized platform, using Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence. Dafzo is enhanced version of open source platform and borderless International Trade finance, e-marketplace that includes cryptocurrencies payment gateway, Mobile App pay wallet, Decentralised notary timestamp system. Dafzo parallel runs Ethereum-based smart contracts along with tradeable Utility Token within the network in order to tackle the issues of safety, fraud and smuggling, and efficiently track shipments for all logistics based transactions.

Why is Dafzo (DFZ) a good project?
Peer-2-peer ecosystem
The present-day geographical barriers and financial intermediaries such as bank are eliminated by this platform by using advanced and cutting-edge Ethereum blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and smart contracts. Zero transaction fee methods and universal ledger time stamp systems will be offered by this platform to its users.

Express delivery
The easy to use and work express delivery of this platform fill the gap throughout the day with its 24/7 delivery system, which makes the delivery process easier for the receiver and the logistics companies.

Low Cost
The ecosystem costs much less to operate for small logistics companies. In addition, it provides small logistics companies. It will save time and the additional cost of the small logistics companies and customers by systematically straightening the entire distribution and supply chain system.

Smart contracts
Built on Ethereum blockchain technology, this platform uses smart contracts for the purpose of delivering decentralized services to the small logistics companies around the world. The services rendered by this platform will address a wide range of global logistics finance, sale, and related issues. Free insurance for fraud detection will be provided to the users via smart contracts. In addition, smart contracts will be used to provide users with the trustless payment system.

Multimodal delivery methods
The owner of the consignments or parcels will be able to find the best possible solution for different transport through a user-friendly and convenient interface. It will ensure delivery of consignments with the lowest price, high quality and optimal time.

The patent applied the decentralized business model of this platform provides users with highly innovative services. The use of blockchain, smart contracts, and artificial intelligence provide users with accurate logistics information of every single product to be delivered to customers. In addition, it will create an excellent opportunity for small logistic firms around the world to create new logistics and business models.

Distribution of DFZ tokens
2% of the DFZ tokens will be reserved as bounty rewards.
3% of the tokens will be allocated as referral rewards.
10% of the DFZ tokens will be allocated to advisors.
20% of the tokens will be allocated as a reserve.
65% of the tokens will be issued for sale during the Pre-ICO and ICO sale.

Allocations of funds collected during the ICO
7% of the funds will be used for carrying out the legal expenses.
12% of the funds will be used for marketing and promotion of this project.
38% of the funds will be used for carrying out the operations associated with this project.
43% of the funds will be used for developing IT infrastructure of this project.

Token Information
Token DFZ
Price 1 DFZ = 0.0005 ETH
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 20000000 USD
Country UK
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist

User Name : Sampunbro
ETH : 0x25Cc0E6f77B30bEe260881D59BaC9f2d4a1De3C4

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