13 Feb 2019

Azultec Ico Review (Description)

In recent decades, the amount of energy consumed in the world has clearly increased, and this is due not only to the urban growth of cities, but also to the emergence of modern technologies. Of course I’m talking about blockchain and its mining equipment. I think it’s no secret that mining farms consume a huge amount of electricity to perform all their computing operations. Moreover, this kind of farms have an additional need for electricity because they need to cool their equipment in the process of its operation.


Despite all the benefits of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in General, excessive consumption of electricity leads to the depletion of various non-renewable minerals with the help of which they produce this very electricity. This in turn leads to a number of other problems associated with the environment and the depletion of fossil reserves of the earth.
Many experts have long offered alternative sources of energy that can be used regularly without harming the environment. This includes wind, solar and water energy, which a person can use for his own benefit, while protecting the surrounding nature from negative consequences.

The project, the idea of which we will consider today, offers a very interesting concept, the use of which will not only save well, but also make excellent money, while taking care of natural resources, without violating the ecology of our planet. Interesting? Then let’s continue!

About the project

The project itself is a multi-purpose solution under the name – Azultec. Azultec is a kind of cube that is able to use green energy sources for the benefit, as well as to open a new, improved mining farm for users.

This farm is able not only to generate any cryptocurrency, but also to serve as a cloud storage, which can be used both independently and shares these capacities with others, earning money. At the same time, the heat generated from the operation of the mining farm can be safely used as heating of your living space, while saving additional funds for heating the house. Impressive, isn’t it?

How it works?

Everything is quite simple. Let’s say you have equipped your home with solar panels, which emit environmentally friendly electricity. At the same time you are looking for an additional source of income and decide to buy a cube from Azultec. All you need is to connect this cube to a power source and start generating the first crypto coins. Plus everything else generated heat from Azultecyou can use to heat your home, thereby saving a tidy sum on heating. A bonus to all this is the built-in cloud storage, which can also be disposed of at will. For example, use it to store your own data or rent it to other people who can use at their discretion. This method is also able to bring financial support to each user.

Thus, we see that one small solution can not only eliminate the above problems at the beginning of my article, but also give its users an additional financial source. We can say that the developers of Azultec cube killed several birds with one stone. And that it is very convenient, and most importantly practical and profitable!

Design feature

It is important to note that the team engaged in the development of Azultec has extensive experience in various fields and areas, as well as a team of other technological projects that have successfully passed their way from launch to implementation. At the same time, the company engaged in the development of Azultec product is located in Germany, where all stages of development of this project will take place.

The details of the ICO

As for the token, in order to promote and properly finance its project, the development team launches an ICO where it will offer its investors its own token – Azul. It is important to note that most of the tokens will be blocked after the completion of the ICO, while the other part will be directly involved in the development and financing of certain moments on the way to the development of Azultec.

As a percentage, it will look like this:


Personally, the idea and concept of this project is very close to me, since I have long thought about the fact that it would be cool to have a small mining farm at home, which is able not only to generate new cryptocurrencies for me, but also to be useful in other directions. Therefore, I think this idea will be appreciated by many crypto enthusiasts and those people who save their money, useful resources and take care of the environment around us, switching to green energy sources.

But still, for a deeper analysis, I recommend to study their technical document, which in a more detailed form contains information about the current problems, their impact on our lives with you, other ways to solve problems and finally the proposed alternative Azultec Cube. Moreover, at the end of the review you will find a number of other useful links where you can get acquainted with any other additional information about the project, as well as get an answer to any question that concerns you.

Official resources of the Azultec project:

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