13 Feb 2019


Cryptocurrencies are one of the most important inventions since the inception of the web. They are ushering in a new era of decentralization, privacy, and control of one’s own data that has the potential to revolutionize many parts of society. There are currently over one thousand cryptocurrencies in use, with hundreds more being released each year. Their combined market cap has grown from $10 billion in 2016, to over $400 billion at the time of writing, having previously been much higher.

Well, Blockchain-powered technology is intent on leading the future of financial markets. Today, however, we still observe extensive obstacles for the development of blockchain-based markets. One of the greatest market challenges is the remaining necessity of trust towards centralized financial services in an otherwise decentralized environment. Third party custody risks affect ecosystem sustainability, bringing vulnerability to manipulative and regulative actions.

Cryptocurrency market draws attention of customers, media, business, hedge funds and even filmmakers. Unfortunately, regulators do not stay aside and give a lot of their attention to the blockchain market as well.

One of the main challenges really that has been slowing down digital currency exchanges between one digital asset to another was because the digital assets are powered by different blockchains which makes them incompatible with each other for a seamless exchange. The Saturn Black’s partnership with Atomic swaps is a solution to the problems and in case you do not know, platforms such as Saturn cross chain exchange are working towards improving digital assets exchanges using atomic swaps.

The creation of a qualitatively new, liquid and safe over-the-counter market is the main purpose of Saturn, and this has instigated the launching of Exchange and OTC trading Platform for Cryptocurrencies based on crosschain protocol of exchange Swap. The plans of the Saturn team to provide of P2P exchange services for traders, investors, companies and brokers.

SATURN is proffering solution by creating a decentralized platform to revolutionize the cryto exchange market by making it easy to use and accessible anywhere in the world. it allow users to be able to conduct directly atomic exchange in crypto assets. The platform is built on criteria of convenience and credibility, in which traders are possible to exchange wallet-to-wallet their crypto assets without the reliable third party.

Saturn is platform of exchange and trading with the convenience and security of transactions, this platform provides a new market that is directly connected from crypto sources and providing guarantees to third parties. freedom in trade and security on the table is a service offered by saturn.

Saturn is providing a P2P exchange services for traders, investors, companies, and brokers. and a chain of studies in order to help find new methods within the maturation of the crypto market and increase the liquidity of land so that each user develops together with this platform, each project will get an audit and liquidity of the token version, what the purpose for the future is part of the strategy on the market, so that each element will move unction as community of crypto players and create new markets liquid and secure over-the-counter market.

Most market depends on the change specifics and transaction volumes to compete, saturn creating a conventional crypto alternate, the specifics of transactions for distinct volumes, compensation service, growth the marketplace call for for secured futures assets together with Bitcoin, saturn ensure direct contact between the seller and the purchaser and be certain the security of the trade in automatic mode while maintaining the anonymity of the occasions.

Saturn offer two way liquidity for many assets independently. This will provide gains in the price. Saturn The Swap Protocol to exchange commission fees different from other exchanges where there are additional commissions Which reaches 0.2percent for each exchange transaction, 0.5 – 5% for every over the counter trade and 1 – 5 percent for auction transactions. but the final provisions regarding fees will be decided at launch in market.

Problems in The Crypto Market That SATURN Seeks to Solve

  • Insecurity:

Most cryptocurrency exchange are vulnerable to attacks, hacks, theft and fraudulent activities as cryptocurrencies become the mainstream. The attacks from various hacking groups beginning in 2011 and afterwards, have brought about so many security concerns.
In 2017, $266 million dollars was lost by exchanges and $731 million dollars was lost in the first half of 2018. There have been predictions by security experts of larger scale of attacks, hacks, fraud and thefts as more people embrace cryptpcurrency.

  • Inadequate supervision in the system and lack of good customer support:

Most exchanges lack supervision and compliance system that can protect them from suspicious activities that could affect them negatively whether during pre-trade and post-trade. There is no form of analysis that could protect them neither is there a customer service they can run to when they want help/support, are affected or have fallen victim to some malicious activities which do not ensure safety or give them confidence when trading.
Also, traders are not always opportune to get a committed 24/7/365 live chat in different languages. This is also a discouraging factor for investors.

  • Scalability Limitations:

The massive influx of new traders and investors entering the cryptosystem has brought about an increase in transactions on a daily basis which leads to a slow down in registration and transaction processes.

  • Market Manipulation:

So many unfair and volatile activities like spoofing, wash-trading, momentum ignition to pump and dump takes place in the crypto-market which arises as a result of lack of regulations in the system.

  • The community no longer trusts the key tools of the crypto market:

The cryptocurrency market needs new values and new ethical standards of business management.

Features of Saturn

OTC cross-chain trading

The Saturn OTC service allows traders to carry out the transactions through the atomic swap protocol with the assurance by Saturn assets. The target customer of this service are professional investors because the transactions are possible to conduct with the large trading volume and highly minimal trading volume.

OTC auction

The Saturn OTC auction will allow owners to list their crypto assets on the auction at the beginning market price. And the exhibited assets are allowed to exchange with the large amount.

Exchange of atomic trades

This will be a peer-to-peer exchange applying atomic swap protocol to achieve the initial goal of Saturn Back exchange.

Transactions with EURO and USD

This function is implemented and developing to fully serve Saturn’s users at the end of 2019. OTC cross-chain trade, OTC auction and Atomic exchange will entitle Saturn’s users to exchange between crypto assets and EURO and USD. Exchange of crypto assets with USD, USDT and GUSD is possible to be used now.

Saturn Token

The purpose of issuing Saturn token (symbol: XSAT) is to use it as a liquidity asset as well as a quotation asset in Saturn platform. In addition, Saturn team also plans to make XSAT token become a collateral asset but this decision will be considered later.

Token and ICO Detail

  • Token: XSAT
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Quantity: 1,000,000,000 XSAT
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Price: 1 XSAT = 0.125 USD
  • Accepted Payment: Btc,Eth, eos , Dash

Token Distribution

Escrow -> December 2108

  • Saturn – secure legal transactions between owners of crypto-assets with third party warranty – direct exchange protocol.

OTC crosschain trading -> December 2018

  • Selling and buying large amounts of crypto-assets is not a problem anymore. Secure over-the-counter transactions through the atomic exchange protocol (from wallet to wallet) are relevant for holders with large amount of crypto-assets, early investors and team members of blockchain startups.

OTC auction -> 3Q 2019

  • Buying and selling a large amount of crypto-assets at the best proposed price. Security of transactions, settings for the execution of the order and low commissions will make the search for a seller or buyer more accessible and safer.

Exchange of atomic transactions -> 4Q 2019

  • Saturn launches P2P trading based on the swap.online protocol. Saturn is additional liquidity for cryptoactive assets with low liquidity, safe cross-exchange and convenient interface in your browser.

Transactions with EURO and USD -> 1-3Q 2020

  • Saturn is working to make a fiat currency exchange infrastructure for all directions: atomic exchange, over-the-counter crosschain trade, over-the-counter auction.

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