23 Feb 2019

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The Blockchain innovation is A case of mechanical advances of our age and has permitted associating a huge number of people around the world, allowing them to acknowledge fiscal development and throughout the years had been growing new frameworks in light of the fact that the Crowdfunding upheld Blockchain innovation that illuminates the issues of antiquated Crowdfounds.
Synapsecoin is that the aggregate stage for the relationship between business thoughts and speculators, our group can take all advantages of Blockchain innovation to all or any our clients, with the point of deliver a substitution essential plan that may drive new money related and social development.

What is Synapsecoin?

Synapsecoin is an aggregate financing framework that utilizes BLockchain innovation and Smart Contracts that go along, straightforwardness and security in every activity. This framework permits financing imaginative tasks interfacing them with speculators. This framework permits financing inventive undertakings interfacing them with speculators keen on add to the general public, and in the meantime creating an alluring benefit. 

It will likewise be bolstered by its very own Exchange or (trade house), called Criptowasi. A framework dependent on problematic innovation, and created with a look and feel proper to the universe of exchanging; utilizing as standard the accepted procedures of the Exchange most situated cryptoworld.

Synapsecoin discovered this issue, raises this crowdfunding financing framework, through it, business visionaries and businesspeople will have the chance to get financing and run their task, and for the individuals who need to contribute we will exhibit a scope of completely qualified activities in our crowdfunding, giving every one of our clients the counsel demonstrated in the zone.
Synapsecoin is comprised of a strong expert group who are energetic about developing, and mindful of new advances (Blockchain), sharing a theory of educating, helping individuals, influencing them to find their own gifts and live from it.

SYNAPSECOIN is a worldwide crowdfunding framework, the reason for which is to consolidate different financial specialists with one of a kind business thoughts to build up your own venture or another while keeping up great security and privacy of speculators. Crowdfunding is a money related framework that interfaces individuals who have ventures with other people who will back them with little, medium and huge commitments. 

Consequently, the business visionary gives his speculators an explicit reward. These honors will be controlled by every explicit task and regulated by the engineers of SYNAPSECOIN . Sometimes, financial specialists might be accomplices or investors of a specific undertaking as per their interests.


It is upheld ERC20 convention, ETHEREUM great get, that is changed with regards to the task necessities. this is frequently a key element that delivers the potential for the U.S.A. to bring the best dimension of security, protection, solace to speculators and business visionaries. all through the pre-ICO, exclusively clear open supply great contract is as of now encased. This great contract can offer ETH speedy trade.

When the raising support crusade is finished, we will attempt to supply financial specialists with an affiliation stage all through the ICO, so they will investigate and see the speculation conspire. that is a reason we tend to territory unit following up on the blending of ETH great contract, which can empower the essential clients to check our stage and style its capacities.


Interface industrialist with business visionaries as well as comes in the keep running at around the world, misuse Blockchain innovation and great Contracts.


We board a free and legitimate future bolstered straightforwardness, wherever sensible comes can back and open the globe while not constraints. we give the best chances, quicken advance out and out parts of the globe, misuse our very own trade (CriptoWasi) for its abuse.

SYP is a cryptocurrency which connects investors with entrepreneurs, for it develops two big projects: A Crowdfunding platform that uses Blockchain technology and Criptowasi its own Exchange, where you can exchange SYP and other Crypto-currencies easily, safely and economically. Two giants that guarantee security and transparency. We live in a free and fair future based on transparency, where good projects will finance and open to the world without limitations. We offer the best opportunities, accelera progress in all sectors of the world, using our own exchange (CriptoWasi) for its commercialization.

The users will have all necessary tools and opportunities to provide liquidity to thousands of business & social projects through our local, national and international Synapsecoin financing system, thus promoting social development and technological advancement. Likewise, our proposal in the digital market offers a high percentage of profitability, security and total transparency through Blockchain technology and smart contracts, allowing each investor to see in real time their finance status.

The Blockchain technology is an example of technological advances of our age and has allowed connect thousands of people worldwide, giving them the opportunity to achieve financial growth and over the years had been develop new systems as The Crowdfunding based on Blockchain technology which solves the problems of traditional Crowdfounds. Thanks to the Blockchain technology and crowdfunding system, Synapsecoin is able to offer advanced solutions to different problems, such as the lack of liquidity of hundreds of entrepreneurs in the world, who seek answers in projects through crowdfunding by connecting them with investors..

Synapsecoin can offer cutting-edge solutions to various problems such as lack of liquidity from entrepreneurs in the world who seek answers in projects through crowdfunding by connecting them with investors. Like any other project, Synapse coin requires significant investment to gain a foothold in the market and the Synapsecoin team has decided to raise funds for the project through an initial coin offering ( Synaps coin). Synapsecoin is based on the ERC20 Protocol, an Ethereum smart contract that is modified according to the requirements of the project. This is a key feature that makes possible the highest level of security, privacy, comfort for investors and users. This smart contract will provide a quick exchange

After the campaign fundraiser is over, the team Synapsecoin will seek to provide investors with connections with the platform during the ICO, to enable them to study and understand the investment ecosystem that will allow the first customers to test the platform and try out all the functions of the ecosystem. 

SYP will only be a currency exchange accepted as a form of investment. The exchange fee from other cryptocurrencies will pass through the cryptocurrency “SYP”, which you can exchange in your own exchange — CriptoWasi. The exponential growing of the markers SYP is a safe and strategic in new markets. 

Each new market will create additional demand for new users, which will allow the Synapsecoin team to negotiate new alliances with large companies. These strategic alliances are made to attract customers to the Synapsecoin platform. After the ICO, the Synapsecoin team will focus on a rapid expansion strategy in order to reach the global market.


  • Name of the token                                 : Synapsecoin
  • Symbol                                                   : SYP
  • Decimals commonplace of ERC20      : 18
  • Role of the Token                                  : Utility token
  • Use of Token                                          : Exchange currency inside the platform.
  • Total supply                                           : 990, 000,000 SYP
  • Assigned funds                                     : 297, 000,000 (30% asignación DE fondos)


Synapsecoin has been working in the crossing point of 3 markets:

  • The exponential development of Blockchain and cryptography.
  • The exponential market of Crowdfunding.
  • The Fintech advertise/contribute showcase.

Additional Links

Website: https://synapsecoin.net/

Whitepaper: https://synapsecoin.net/Content/img/en-US/SYNAPSECOIN%20WHITEPAPER%20VERSSION%201.1.pdf

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5084047

Telegram: https://t.me/SynapsecoinICO

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Synapsecoins

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/synapsecoin

Medium: https://medium.com/@synapsecoinico

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/synapsecoin.crypto/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/sypcoin

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/synapsecoin/

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZppEs3lUCq2DrRRj8toaUA?view_as=subscriber

Github : https://github.com/synapsecoin

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