14 May 2019

Harmony.one ICO Review l Description

With the best scalability we can use cryptocurrency for the future if we can't use it now, then when? The higher number of users demands a higher polling station, Harmony can overcome it all, let's see how harmony works.

What Is Harmony?
Harmony is an open, decentralized market. The Harmony protocol was created to build a place as an open market on the Google scale for a decentralized economy. The purpose of this project is to provide a consensus protocol through Open Internet with 10 million transactions per second and 0.1 seconds latency, a cost of 0.1% compared to the transaction value. Harmony will help speed up and accommodate up to 1000 times, expanding the market to around 10 billion people and 100 billion devices.

Advantages of Harmony

Speed ​​up transactions
As the infrastructure for firehose world dates, bandwidth must scale up to 10Mtx / second to support data from IoT supply chain devices or energy networks. However, all of the above must complete the agreement in 100 milliseconds to support instant reactions for autonomous robots or on-chain quotes in exchange.

Expand the market
Communication is the key to the future of humans and machines to create harmony. As a gateway for microtransactions or online businesses, the cost must be at most 0.1% of the transaction value to support new markets from measured content or fractional work, at a lower cost.

Increase resources at this time
Using proven technical innovations in research and implementation. For example, UDP Google currently powers 35% of its traffic (or 7% of the Internet) with a 50% increase in latency, OmniLedger Byzantine protocol benchmarks to 13,000 tx/sec and 1.5 seconds latency with 1,800 hosts, while unique is in the archive Rust 10M together. connection on a standard 96-core machine on Amazon Cloud.

Using a value scale
(13,000 tx / sec @ 1,800 hosts)

Google UDP
Low latency. (35% of Google Traffic and 7% of the Internet) with a 50% increase in latency & zero round-trip latency

Shard Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) by signing collectively in size 0 (1) to choose continuously.

Mosaic Pull-Reduce
The graph process is worth one trillion edges on a single 244-core machine using the Hilbert sequence tile scheme for the locality.

Deep Sharding
One of Harmony's unique ways to continuously get to the layer of the blockchain network (Exponentially faster than traditional ways of reaching consensus on the blockchain)

Get 10 million transactions per second (math)
(Currently at: 13,000 TPS uses 1,800 nodes using Omniledger)

Aim to increase 10x in 3 areas:
1. Transportation Network
2. System Tools
3. Consensus Protocol

13,000 * 10 * 10 * 10 = 13,000,000

Transportation Network
(10x data transport speed using QUIC googles built on UDP)

TCP is a flow protocol that tries to ascertain the order of trustworthy bytes (ordered) from point A to point B. It has a mechanism to resend lost data, sort it in sequence, etc.

UDP is a packaging protocol that tries to ensure that each packet is sent reliably but does not have to be processed or received in sequence and the lost package is not resent.

TCP is useful for when you need all streams of bytes. For example, downloading a program. You cannot do with 85% of those that can be executed (most of the time ...). Other uses will be like email, HTTP, etc.

UDP is useful when your application is time sensitive and can tolerate losses. Like streaming video/audio but also lower level network bridges (VPN, etc ...)

System Tools Required

  • Novel & Optimal Language Architecture
  • Parallel processing enhancements
  • Upgrading the kernel with Unikernel
  • MOSAIC: Achieve 59x acceleration in the most challenging distributed benchmarks.
Use the OmniLedger Consensus Protocol
Using a new approach called monopoly costs: using game theory to put costs down so that they don't go to waste.

  • Use Blockchain technology
  • Harmony is a high-performance blockchain demands 10x innovations in the transport network, consensus protocol & system tools.
  • 13,000 tx / sec @ 1,800 nodes
  • Programming language: Min Language (Github: min-lang)
  • Use the OmniLedger ledger with Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT). This mechanism has the advantage of high speed. The disadvantage is a decentralized model/ should be allowed.
  • Low-latency
  • Low-fee consensus platform
  • Power decentralized economies of the future
  • Consensus algorithms/Consensus protocol
  • Parallelize transaction processing
  • Connection latency

  • Ticker: Harmony
  • Total Supply: 21 billion Tokens
  • Available for Token Sale: 20%
  • Country: USA
  • Allocation of token supply
  • Sales and floating: 20% Tokens (40% no- lockup, the rest is transferred monthly in 6 months, each month with 10% bonus added, 100% will be released after 1 year lockup)
  • 0% bonus within the last public or private sale (not target specific amount yet)
  • 20% bonus within the first private sale (not target specific amount yet)
  • 40% bonus, seed round (not target specific amount yet)
Founder and Team: 12% Tokens (28% will be lockup in 1 year, the rest of 72% will be paid monthly, each month 2% within 3 years).

Foundation and Research: 28% tokens (28% non-lockup in 1 year, the rest of 72% will be paid monthly, each month 1% in 6 years)

Dev and community: 40% tokens will be paid in 5 years: 28% will be lockup in one year, the rest will be paid regularly in 4 years, each month 1.5% of the rest amount.

Allocation of proceeds

  • 40% to develop the technology of the protocol platform
  • 20% for community joining system and programs for dev
  • 15% for marketing and business development
  • 10% for operating, devices and cloud servers
  • 10% for academic research
  • 5% for finance, legal and compliance.


Harmony is not the first project to offer TPS in large numbers, there are actually many out there that have almost the same projects, but many historical records have failed to do so. TIMIM Blockchain, Credit. What makes me believe in Harmony more than these old projects is that they have an experienced team that has worked on Google, Apple and Microsoft before, so that future developments and deadlines for the road map will definitely work according to what will be made. In terms of technology, 10 million polling stations are possible with a combination of transportation networks, system equipment, and consensus protocols, is possible.

Maybe at the moment many still don't appreciate scalability, for now, this is because transactions are 13k per second very fast but what about the future? When will these 7 billion people use cryptocurrency in their daily lives? Bitcoin is currently having problems with slow transactions, Harmony is the solution for you to buy coffee at your favorite coffee shop in the next 10 years from now.

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Creator : bangdik123

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