14 Sep 2019


In recent years, there has been rapid growth in the cryptocurrency market. It attracts the attention of the whole world. Taking Coinmarketcap as an example, there are currently about 261 digital currency exchanges around the world. Cryptocurrency exchanges are online trading platforms for cryptocurrencies. 

Any user can create an account, replenish the account balance and trade. The popularity of exchanges is growing due to the rapid growth in the value of crypto assets. Trading on trading platforms is carried out without interruptions and days off since cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology and this implies their full decentralization. Exchanges are marked by rather high volatility. Price fluctuations can reach 10-15%, and some altcoins can increase several times a day. Such quick earnings always attract investors and traders. For some, cryptocurrency trading is becoming the main means of earning.

The trading of digital currencies become very necessary since the introduction of the currencies. So many technologists keep on launching new ecoin day in day out and it was discovered that the ecosystem that transacts this ecoins are suffering from some deficiencies which have shortened their development rate.

This is what calls for the creation of a new ecoin buying and selling medium which prioritises the satisfaction of users through the total removal of the deficiencies that are characterised with the ecoin trading mediums this medium is tagged “trade for you” (TFY).

Tradeforyou is an exchange platform where people can trade financial, technology and information products as well as cryptocurrency. With this expansion feature, they offer the lowest transaction costs for each trade on their exchange and this increases the competitiveness and comfort of Tradeforyou in the cryptocurrency market.

In addition, to overcome challenges in centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency card withdrawals and mobile applications, Tradeforyou has applied distributed ledger technology to decentralize its platform. This technology allows each participant in cryptocurrency trading to store and prove data created in the trading process and enables Tradeforyou to build its own main network with enhanced security.

Tradeforyou plans to offer a fund management service so that anyone can enter the auction room, bring in users and communicate with them, and beta services so that participants can compete with each other for higher returns.

Let’s briefly review the work process of the TradeForYoу platform. The first thing you need to do is go through a simple registration on the platform website. Secondly, you can either buy at the auction the coins you need or put your crypto coins at auction. To buy cryptocurrency, first, make a deposit using several payment methods. Then you can buy bids, i.e. offer packages as part of a preliminary promotion. Then start an auction, that is, find the right cryptocurrency and start bidding. Selling cryptocurrencies is also a relatively simple operation. First, you need to send your coins, while you can buy offer packages as part of a preliminary promotion.
Then easily enter the auction, place your currency at the auction and quickly sell it above market value. That’s all how simple it is and any user can take advantage of such an offer, regardless of the level of training. It is worth saying that the team provides an easy and safe system to work. The TradeForYou platform can adapt to any device and has many features. Among other things, during the auction on the platform, a special bonus program is drawn. Among all participants, several numbers are drawn, as a result of which the winners will receive special prizes. There is also a jackpot system with a minimum of 100% for regular players and 200% for VIPs. The larger the number, the larger the gain. The rally is being processed on the Ethereum blockchain.
Every time someone puts a cryptocurrency for sale, an Auction room is formed. Once the auction room is formed, the platform system seeks to fill the room with automatic bids from people who select this option to acquire and compete while they are offline. To do this you may reserve a portion of your acquired bids to automatically participate in your preferred auctions. At the same time, people who are online and see the auctions rooms that are active can participate in giving manual bids.

Once the auction room reaches the limit of participants, the platform closes the room and processes all bids.

All bids are processed and paid in the cryptocurrency being auctioned. At the same time among all the participants are drawn a few numbers who will receive an especial prize, a JACKPOT with a minimum of 100% for regular players, and 200% for VIPs, and the larger the room, the larger the prize, as 300, 400% or more on the top of your total bids in that specific room.

The draw is processed in the Blockchain Ethereum on the next block generated after the room is closed, following the guidelines of our smart contract so the number of randomly selected draws and the percentage of the prize is totally unpredictable, transparent and verifiable.

Ecoin Selling
At TFY, you can sell your ecoin at a rate higher than that of the market value. Generally, as a user of trade for you, your ecoin that have been integrated to the medium can be offered for sale using an auction approach. The ecoin for sale will be divided into lots of auctions and displayed for sale such that the selling amount will exceed the current value of that ecoin as at when the order to the sale of that currency was displayed.

Purchase Of Ecoin
Once the ecoin for auction has been the displayed in the platform, the system will automatically scan through the TFY database for users who are interested in the acquisition of that type of ecoin the seller wants to sell and as well have their account autobid system activated.

From there, this interested user will bid for the ecoin and the highest bidder have the ecoin.

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