13 Oct 2019

What Is 2local ?

Since they originally appeared almost 11 years ago, cryptocurrencies have been promising a change that would make the world a better place for everyone. They offer a number of benefits over traditional finances, including lower transaction fees, decentralization, as well as the ability to reach everyone, whether or not they have access to the bank.

With their ultimate, worldwide reach and the fact that no single entity can control them, the crypto trend spread around the world, and countless projects have emerged since then. While many of them did try to bring a positive change, many others were only after the money. A big portion of them turned out to be a scam, which led to a regulatory crackdown on token sales.

However, even after all of these, and many other issues — the crypto trend still lives, and it still dreams of a better future. Even the ICO model still persists, despite the fact that there are alternatives, which are generally considered to be safer for the projects and investors alike. In fact, one project that aims to deliver a new type of convenient marketplace is currently in the process of holding its own ICO, and its name is 2local.

2local is a blockchain-based platform that will provide a convenient marketplace for consumers that wish to connect with their favorite companies. This will allow them to directly purchase locally-produced, sustainable goods, as well as local services. The platform's goal is to encourage sustainability and bring prosperity to the world.

The project's team stated that they dream of a better future, but instead of waiting for it to arrive — they have decided to make it a reality themselves. Through their platform, they aim to eliminate injustice, inequality, and other social issues. Meanwhile, they are after delivering sustainability through the use of natural resources.

They also believe that there is a place for everyone in the worldwide economy of the future, although they believe that it must be more local and less hectic.

Of course, the project does not expect to create a utopian economy, meaning that they are aware of the limits that even the most successful projects have to face. However, they will still try to help create an economy that takes into account everyone, from all circles of modern society. All that they require to start is their native cryptocurrency — the one that is in its preICO stage of distribution at this very moment.

It is worth highlighting the key troubles that customers face when trying to pay for their purchase via the Internet:
  • No guarantee. The security of existing services is at an incredibly low level. Scammers are constantly using new schemes to get buyers ‘ funds;
  • Complex relationship with the sellers. The abundance of questionable companies significantly complicates the choice for people. You are trying to find a company with an excellent reputation to make a good deal and avoid problems;
  • Huge commissions. Using Internet services to pay for services, you pay for the services of intermediaries. Often this entails significant monetary costs, which can really be avoided;
  • Huge limitation on financial instruments. In most cases, the calculation will be performed only in Fiat currency-it imposes certain limits on buyers;
  • No cashback. Refund is only an advertising technique, which is used by many companies, promising something to their customers. In fact, you do not get any bonuses.
The presence of a huge number of problems in this segment, forced the developers of 2local to think through all the nuances. The platform is global, the list of companies that are ready to cooperate with it is constantly growing. This has a positive impact on the confidence of investors-in the near future we will be able to get a program that allows you to quickly buy any goods and services, to receive significant rewards for it.

Let’s try to understand what the decentralized 2local platform is ready to offer to all its users:
  • No problems with commissions. Any transactions are carried out quickly, only a small fee that is charged to the client, but it will go only to the development of the project itself, and not into the pocket of the next intermediary;
  • High security. When registering, you specify your own data, which will be used in the future to protect your money. Making payments through 2local, you will not encounter fraudulent schemes;
  • No restrictions on the currency used. Do you want to pay with cryptocurrency? Now you do not have to constantly look for exchangers, third-party sites to carry out his plan. Payment will be made quickly and easily, thanks to the excellent functionality of 2local;
  • Availability of a global plan. The developers have everything necessary to correctly implement their idea and create a global platform for 2local payments.

As for the way to implement their ideas, the founders of 2Local developed a simple and affordable decentralized application, the use of which can once and for all establish value for its user. At the same time, allow him to receive tangible benefits in the form of a cashback from each completed purchase. Moreover, these opportunities imply a qualitative interaction not only with local products, but also with goods, which will naturally create a new competitive environment and allow the user to choose only the best for themselves and their loved ones.

As I said, developed applications with built-in smart contracts and wallets adapted for any type of smartphone will help to carry out all these actions. What does it matter if you have it like Android or iOS . It will be a pleasure to make any transactions within 2Local , as they will be carried out almost instantly when scanning a QR code . What I think is very convenient and quite relevant these days.

2local wants to contribute to a sustainable world. The sustainable development goals of the UN serve as a guideline. 2local endorses all objectives,but mainly wants to contribute to a world without poverty and hunger and with good health and well being. Clean water,sanitation,and affordable and sustainable energy are indispensable. It is about reducing inequality with responsible consumption and production.

Companies that can prove that they produce locally and sustainable can get a 2local note intheir wallet. This allows people who buy from them to receive L2L tokens that can be exchanged for coins up to a certain maximum.


2local decentralized platform has just started its way, investors are trying to contribute funds that are needed for further development. The project was created in order to solve the problem of ease of payment for goods and services. You will be able to use not only standard Fiat funds, but also cryptocurrency — no restrictions or problems with transactions. 

Simply install the application to be able at any second to carry out the necessary transaction. No intermediaries, as well as annoying commissions — performing the calculation through 2local, you get the opportunity to return your funds, the company is ready to offer real cashback to all its customers.

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