3 Oct 2019

What Is XCARD?

XCARD is a crypto wallet as well as a payment card that enables crypto users to buy their assets instantly all around the world. it is supported by Internalizer, a sort of arbitrate engine. The combination enables the users to have the best currency available in the market. There is also another product from XCARD known also as XCARD Biometric Credit Card. It is the safest credit card to withdraw the crypto from all banks and ATMs.

XCARD is a part of the Mobilum environment. The products involve the wallet, card, exchange, and API foundation. All the features are combined so that an instant platform is developed well. There is also a point transaction system that integrates crypto money into FIAT. With the products, now, you can pay or accept the money and it is definitely your right to determine what currency to be used for the transaction.

Mobilum Platform is a scalable ecosystem of building blocks — microservices, utilizing common open source API and underlying protocol — a blockchain solution — to provide instant any to any conversion with best execution rates, fueled by the mobilum token (MBM).

Nowadays user experience is the main pillar of all customer-oriented applications. In order to provide the best experience and best practices to utilize Mobilum Platform, XCARD project was created. XCARD utilizes Mobilum Platform API in order to provide a state-of-the-art multicurrency wallet implementation and first virtual crypto credit card available.

Mobilum Platform consists of three main domains as of today:
  • XCARD — the most secure cryptocurrency & fiat Wallet & biometric crypto credit card, designed in a way to make a journey with crypto as easy as with fiat money for advanced and first-time customers;
  • Mobilum internalizer is a high frequency, low latency, multi-market and multi-asset matching engine which internalize in real-time all customers orders. It consists of Virtual Order Book and Pricing Engine which provides Best Execution mechanism for traded assets, leverages Mobilum Liquidity Pools and calculates Volatility Indexes of traded cryptocurrencies;
  • Mobilum Foundation — building blocks of Mobilum Platform done in microservices paradigm, utilizing open source API, providing all services and interactions for the platform, including blockchains connectivity, banking system connectivity, payment processing, order management, security and many more.

There is one main rule in all domains of Mobilum Platform — an MBM Token as a membership token is required by invoking user to interact with and between the building blocks of the platform. The amount of MBM Tokens is calculated (as a 0,5% of the transaction value) by the Pricing Engine and exposed to all other building blocks through the API.

Mobilum Foundation interacts with other systems through the APIs. One of the building blocks of Mobilum Foundation is its blockchain solution which stores all information about transactions performed on Mobilum Platform through XCARD wallet application or open source API. Access to the blockchain of Mobilum Platform is possible through the open source API or Mobilum Explorer — a web3 application. XCARD wallet utilizes the open source API to show the full list of transactions of the given user in his wallet.

XCARD introduces a utility token, the MBM token that fuels the whole Platform that is the most liquid token in the XCARD Wallet. Once regulation enables legitimate issuance of equity or security tokens, special benefits for investors and MBM token holders will be offered XCARD has already signed 9 strategic partnerships which include: Santander Bank, Visa (Principal Membership), Gatelab (Part of London Stock Exchange Group), several trading exchanges (e.g. Hybrid Block) and others that wills to utilize in their business models solution provided by the XCARD.

XCARD is the most convenient wallet for crypto & FIAT conversion with access to exchanges all over the world. Built-in internalizer – an arbitrage engine – provides users the best exchange rates available on the market. XCARD Wallet is combined with XCARD Biometric Credit Card, the most secure credit card for instant crypto withdrawal from any ATM. XCARD’s team has a proven track record of more than 20 years in payment systems, payment cards, exchanges and currency trade systems.

This question is often asked by many new users. It is reasonable by remembering that there are so many similar products out there. Undeniably, there are some benefits given by XCARD. Meanwhile, there are also features that you may not find in other products. What are they?
  • Will Become A New Credit Card
  • Many people may think that a credit card is the most effective and instant payment method in the world. That’s true but now; there is a similar method, even more practical. It is the credit card feature provided by XCARD. In general, XCARD is functioned like a credit card but the money to use in the transaction is the crypto currency. It makes available many types of crypto currency. Then, you are free to choose what currency you will use during the transaction. It is reasonable if you can do almost all the transactions even faster and more instantly than the credit card itself. It gives more access to e-commerce, POS, and ATM withdrawals for cash.
  • Easy To Use
  • It is clear that many people out there are interested in crypto transaction. However, not all of them dare enough to start it all. Many reasons are behind this problem; one of them is that the crypto wallet is considered difficult to use. XCARD, on the other hand, is provided for both the experts and beginners. So, while the experts can enjoy the easiness and practicality, it is also a good way for the beginners to start to do crypto transaction.
  • Easy On Boarding Process
  • Most of you must have an experience in opening a bank account. So, how is it? Is the process fast and easy? Unfortunately, the answers are mostly not. There are too many requirements to fulfill and much time to waste. Although it is okay to still have a bank account, XCARD is a really good alternative for your financial management. One of them is due to its easiness in term of the on boarding process. The entire process can be done digitally through a few taps. Besides, doing a transaction using this wallet is also much simpler. Indeed, not all shops and platforms in the world have not yet been supported by this wallet. But you should not worry; XCARD is on the way to expand its services to help you to do all possible transactions.
  • Effective Rates
  • One of the problems in a conventional transaction is about the rate. It is sometimes really high and it means you must spend more money only for this matter. Interestingly, XCARD makes sure that the rate is lower and more effective. It is proven bu the aggregates data from different sources including exchanges, pools, and more.
  • The FIAT Feature
  • XCARD enables you to do transactions with more than 200 digital crypto currencies. Meanwhile, it also features the FIAT exchange things; from FIAT to crypto and vice versa. All of them can be done faster and more instantly. It is compatible with any payment card as well. The feature from XCARD also enables you to buy the products now and pay it later. Again, it gives you more benefits and flexibility for any transaction you want to conduct. For all the benefits mentioned above, it means you need to try XCARD as your transaction partner. Well, the products are worthy for you to rely on one.

  • Perfect place to make your first step towards cryptocurrencies in a secure environment.
  • Buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies using your payment card or wire transfer.
  • Security first icon LIMITLESS EXPERIENCE
  • You own your funds, without any limits. 
  • Buy, Sell or lend your crypto assets freely.
  • Payment card icon ANY PAYMENT CARD
  • XCARD Wallet supports most debit & credit cards. Sign up to XCARD Wallet with your existing payment card & start buying cryptocurrenices or spending them freely.
  • We enable you to spend money no matter if you have funds or not with our first on the market biometric crypto credit card
  • XCARD Wallet is fully KYC compliant. 
  • Our onboarding process is much easier than opening a bank account.
  • Instant Settlement icon INSTANT SETTLEMENT
  • XCARD decentralized internalizer and intelligent atomic swaps functionality allows for all transactions to be most efficient & in real-time.

All you should expect from this platform is profit whether you are an investor or just a user. The provisions have already been made such that all users can deploy its essential features and make use of them. Everyone is good to go with this platform which is very easy to use and own to be in control of ones financiaI operations in the digital world and beyond it.

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