27 Feb 2020

OLPortal — Messenger with a touch of AI

Do you appreciate the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence)? Generally, most businesses who integrate with this type of technology tend to be more competent cause it helps in the means of automation, precision and efficiency.
Out of pure exaggeration, most of us think that it could replace humans but in fact what we are doing and what is currently happening is that we let the technology work for us in the most time-efficient manner that we could enjoy our lives doing what matters most.
AI is human friendly and here I will introduce an AI powered messenger which you could use to integrate on any business or find opportunity in it’s current ecosystem, which ever you find first or fits best.

Introducing OLPortal,

OLPORTAL is a decentralized messenger on neural networks with the function of Artificial Intelligence dialogues. The possibility to create messages automatically on your behalf and hold conversations in different formats and styles is the hallmark of the integrated AI. For this purpose, we develop an ecosystem for creation and utilization of OLAI neurobots with different personalities.
Have you seen those automated messages on Facebook when messaging a page, whether a fan page or an online store that automatically responds? Yes, that‘s exactly what OLPORTAL does using some of their products which is actually up and running. It automates messaging in a fun but deeper level that is using AI to gather information and use it appropriately just like how you do it personally.
I know it sounds strange for letting AI to neurally assess on how you phrase your messages and use it in the latter part, what I could say is that your data and correspondence will be stored securely on a safe digital ledger magically called the blockchain. Another good thing is that all the content/data is a user’s digital/intellectual property on which he could use wherever he/she might like, might also be sold in the OLMarket, who knows.
OLPORTAL has OLChat for integrating messaging apps of various social media sites and iME Messenger that could only be integrated with Telegram that adds a much more improvement.
So basically what these messengers are doing is that it transforms and adds features to social media messengers like what telegram already has and also upgrades telegram features. All happens with the help of AI and advance technology.
OLChat is an internal messenger used at OLPORTAL. It employs the functions of artificial intelligence LCFNN.6. Local Communication Function on Neural Networks, level 6 is the predictive (anticipating) system of native typing system used in a messenger’s dialogue communications. It is based on the self-learning hybrid deep neural networks with users’ support and AI pretrained to the level 6.
Main features:
  • Decentralization;
  • The function of artificial intelligence able to learn through dialogues and transform into the OLAI neurobots;
  • Financial tools integrated from OLWallet;
  • Total privacy. Privacy settings allow to carry out communications using only the OL-number;
  • Scheduled messages. The ability to set the messages on a specific timer, which allows to specify when it should be sent or disclosed to the other users;
  • The timer for automatic deletion of messages and files;
  • Various ways to conduct dialogues, ability to attach sounds to the messages;
  • Chats search filters. The ability to search for messages in a chat based on photos, dates, words, OL-users, etc.;
  • Convenient search function and grouping of media files;
  • Public data module classified by categories with various accessibility setups.
You can download OLChat in the links below,
Integration of neurobots inside Telegram chats through an alternative iMe Messenger client. Test neurobots by downloading the iMe Messenger app. We have already implemented a store with about 100 different character neurobots for communication in English and Russian languages. We are developing functionality for creating neurobots by users.
Additional features that Telegram lacks:
  • Automatic sorting of chats by tabs Unread, Personal, Group, Channels, Chat bots, All chats;
  • Grouping chats into folders;
  • Neurobots-assistants offering answers in the form of phrases;
  • Shop neurobots in various categories;
  • A selection of Telegram channels by category.
Not only that, though that is the bread and butter for OLPORTAL, they also serve an ecosystem where everyone could take benefit from.
They also have ;
OLMarket (Under Development) — Is a store for all OLPORTAL applications/products which initially be the place where one could sell or advertise his/her neurobots. This is also the place for you to buy neurobots in your preferences using the OLCF tokens. Simply, this is an ecommerce store where everyone could find opportunity, monetarily.
OLTarget (Under Development)— This is where one could place his personal data and get rewarded by viewing those targeted advertisements in the form of OLCF tokens. What makes it better is that user data is stored in the blockchain, this provides absolute confidentiality and security from intrusion of any institutions, companies, and individuals, including OLPORTAL itself.
OLAccount (Accomplised) — All in one account for binding social media accounts and messengers such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Оdnoklassniki, VKontakte, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and Skype for OLAI neurobot training.
OLAccount is already up and running and you can find it in these links below;
OLWallet (Under Development)— ERC20 wallet which means it accepts all currency that is running on ERC-20 standard of the Ethereum Network. The local wallet for OLCF tokens for payments, automatic conversion and withdrawal.
OLNet — A decentralized network where OLPORTAL is running, the Hedera Hashgraph Platform.
For those who don’t know, Hedera Hashgraph Platform has the ability to process upwards of 10,000 TPS, cheap fees for as low as 0.0001 USD, which is really fit for instant transactions of OLPORTAL.
In the future, OLCF tokens could also be replaced by HHG at 1:1 after the mainnet as they are currently using the ethereum network.
Messaging has been part of our daily lives and whether we like it or not our privacy is stolen from us by social media sites and being sold to advertisers (that is why we see advertisements that’s part of our search results or interests). OLPORTAL is now creating a decentralized marketplace where we could sell our data, create neurobot profiles and sell it. I could also see potential for business integration where we could automate our messages with a chance to sell it afterwards.
Being the first decentralized messaging application and having no competition, I am looking forward for the interest of the masses about this breakthrough with the use of AI.
To know more about OLPORTAL, kindly visit these links below,

Warning : This is not a financial advice and purely for entertainment purposes only. I am not a financial advisor and always take my opinion as a grain of salt. Always DYOR and be due diligent in your investment decisions.

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