30 Mar 2020

Insuretoken Your Crypto Portfolio

Fraud affects organizations of all types and sizes in a wide range of industries and regions. The consequences can be direct, through financial losses or indirect, through fines and reputational consequences.

Blockchain is an ideal technology for fighting fraudsters. This is a joint and protected from unauthorized access records of actions that are marked by time and verified by a distributed network of computers.

Money transactions require time for settlements, transfer of currencies, and intermediaries can also complicate everything. Multistage transactions, especially those in which people participate, are of the greatest interest to fraudsters. Blockchain will help make transactions visible and in real time. Transactions will only take place after all parties agree to them. This will reduce time, costs and reduce the risk of fraud.

InSure is an on-chain security blockchain-based project,inSure provide the crypto community an answer which will defend them from scammers and any losses which will price them heavily. With their straightforward and clear roadmap for this project, you’ll be able to acknowledge its potential in current time. they have already partnered with some well-known company and exchange within the crypto market and a few of their client already claim their believability concerning this project.

Their beginning is to search out out and prevents those things that may deal a colossal blow to peoples fund and that they can lose all of their monetary holding in one project. Their aim is extremely straightforward that is to form a stable and safe crypto world for investors from those scammers who came and scam individuals again and again.

They will give quick support which will facilitate investors any day any time they need in any scenario wherever their fund is unsafe. IF somehow your fund is taken or you are tormented by any project that claims to be a scam or any forceful devaluation they’ll give support based on your chosen plan.

Insurance Plans

They will give eight tier of the insurance plans for their investors.They are:
Beginner 1,Beginner 2, Startup,Advanced,Premium,Pro,Gold,Diamond. The minimum investment is from 2500 sure to a maximum 500000 sure token. Best results investor can buy Diamond set up which can give 100 percent Fund returns. you’ll be able to opt for any of them as you wish.

Their mission and visa is

Protect Crypto Investors from Scammers & Devaluations.
The first idea behind this project is to get rid of a situation where their fellow investors lose their money completely.
then they {Insure team} are here to provide stability to the crypto world and protect people from other people’s fraudulent activities.

The core of all Insure’s work is

Helping as much as possible Investors & Traders.
they {Insure team} do not want their fellow investors & traders to end up in a situation where investors lose a large portion of the crypto portfolio due to unforeseen reasons.
Helping others is very important to them. they are willing to build a 24/7 support system to help as many people as possible.

Acquire SURE tokens

In order to ensure your crypto portfolio, you simply need to purchase/acquire SURE tokens from available exchanges.

Insurance will become effective immediately when SURE tokens are placed into the wallet.

How to add inSure token to your wallet?

inSure token can be easily added to any ERC20 compatible wallets. Simply copy the information below: token address and symbol to the custom token tab. We believe everything has to be easy!


After looking at this project and current scenario of the crypto world I will say that we need to do something about scammer or crypto market which will face negative consequences. Investors are afraid to speculate within the crypto market as a result of the massive loss they had taken and seeing plenty of scam comes within the crypto markets. There should be an answer in order that investors will have trust that their fund is safe and sound. i believe that inSure is one in every of the most effective comes that is giving some fund protection for their investors.

Important links:

Website: https://insuretoken.net/
Whitepaper: https://insuretoken.net/whitepaper.html
Twitter: https://twitter.com/InsureToken
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/inSuretoken
Telegram group: https://t.me/insuresystem

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/insuretoken

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