20 Mar 2020

Koinpro The Smart Bitcoin Futures Exchange

The technological evolution of the blockchain and the continuous integration of digital currencies, while the Baidu Index also shows that the search volume of virtual currencies is also rising. While major exchanges are operating traditional currency trading, they are also vigorously opening up the innovation and development of digital assets to meet the needs of investors for digital financial products. Virtual currency contract products are the most popular products recently attracted by users. With the development in the past three years, the virtual currency contract platform has also opened up a hundred contending situations. There is competition for the future, and there is hope for the future.
Since the emergence of the market size, traditional exchanges have the natural advantage of flow due to the early development, and the pain points of contract transactions also follow, such as market manipulation, high transaction costs, position allocation mechanisms, and tedious deposit operations , Poor deep liquidity, platform pin pull out network cable, transaction rollback and other issues. According to an understanding in the community, many platforms have a lot of user funds that are used for apportionment to make up losses, and the transaction costs are too high, and market conditions are manipulated, resulting in serious user losses.
With the outbreak of black swan events such as epidemics and wars, many physical industries suffered heavy losses. However, with the technical characteristics of the blockchain and the characteristics of digital currencies, the 24 × 7 transaction time attracted a lot of traffic attention. The exchange is undoubtedly the channel of the blockchain industry. The innovation of the exchange mechanism determines the industry status of the exchange. Today we entered the KoinPro contract platform. KoinPro contracts not only have multi-national licenses in terms of legal compliance, but also will introduce more users in the global market. That brings us into the contract, into KoinPro, and also into our own way of wealth.
KoinPro is a contract trading platform invested and held by offshore banks. The international financial group is headquartered in Hong Kong and has operations centers in Dubai, Singapore, Seoul, Bangkok, Thailand, Malaysia and other places. It has many industries: digital banking , Digital brokers, ETF funds, business covering the world, with ST Vincent license. Its innovative forward contract model subverts the traditional contract model. Users only need to simply register for deposit and settlement, and can play BTC / ETH and other contracts. It can also set a profit and loss limit. It has the advantages of simple operation and clearer calculation of profit and loss. KoinPro's mission is to create a digital asset contract trading platform with a strong user experience, asset security, full transparency and openness, and global product demand, and provide a trusted investment and trading environment for users worldwide.
Exhausting all our power to seize the opportunities at hand is what we really need to do.
The quote aggregation engine enables KoinPro to provide traders with excellent liquidity and the best execution price, thus making KoinPro the most efficient and stable digital asset market.
It can not only collect orders placed by traders within KoinPro, but also collect orders from reliable external sources (that is, the most famous exchanges such as BitMex, Binance, Okex).
The quote aggregation engine enables price data to be received from different sources and aggregated into one market depth, and traders can get the best liquidity and execution power on KoinPro, thereby avoiding market manipulation and the deliberate "independent exchange" stitch".
KoinPro uses multiple methods to ensure that our traders have the best liquidity and execution power even during the most volatile times.

If an external exchange provides better liquidity than an internal trader, KoinPro will seek external execution, so the trader will still trade at the best price; the external exchange will not collect its order if it does not respond within 1 minute; external If the price of an exchange is 20% different from the median price of other external exchanges, its orders will not be collected; if the price of an external exchange is 20% different from the price of the KoinPro index, its orders will not be collected;
Suitable for novices, automatic take profit and stop loss, expire every day will not sell out. The service fee is the lowest on the entire network, and 41.9% of the third-level rebates for agents are the highest on the entire network. Veteran players also provide perpetual contracts without puncturing, and use a special offer aggregation engine to introduce bitmex, okex, and binance contract traffic to provide liquidity. There are novice simulation disks that can be switched at any time to learn the same configuration as the real disk. 100x leveraged custom doubled contract, easy to make money without liquidation.
Why is KoinPro favored by many institutions? Is it based on a good user experience? Or rely on the support of the institutions behind it? Are platform products more competitive? Or take the international route?
Contract trading began to enter people's attention a year ago. In 2020, contract trading has become the biggest hot spot of the year. As the saying goes, sailing with the wind goes closer.
The most important thing is that you can bring customers to get profits. The world is full of benefits, and the world is full of benefits. No matter what kind of ecology can bring real benefits to users, it is a good product that can go further and higher.
Some community leaders have a relatively stable operating concept on the contract and can smoothly lead their community members to operate. The KoinPro platform is more secure than other platform assets.
The simulated gold account, hot and cold wallet isolation, heavy wallet encryption, and platform-free plug-in network cable risks are more controllable: forward contract mechanism, low risk, unlimited depth, ultra-low handling fees, no warehouse allocation mechanism, profit settlement, etc.
Isn't a good platform value worth going? A fresh product will be launched soon, and early participation will definitely make money. KoinPro has a simulation disk to experience it for yourself. I only know that it will be online in less than a week. By then, many team communities will promote it together. The commission income will be very considerable, and the contract must be operated safely. Will make you a nice gain. One is his own practice, and the other is to get rich commissions while recommending users.
Good products of "perpetual motion after bed" are of course recommended to those around you. The significance of the blockchain lies in this. You will also pay dividends while you pay. Then KoinPro's "perpetual motion after bed" will continue to generate revenue, which is also the source of motivation for community users to promote truth.
Looking forward to launching, it reflects the powerful influence of KoinPro's "perpetual motion after bed"!
The increase in the number of users of KoinPro is inevitable. The battle between exchanges and contract platforms in 2020 does not seem to be over, in the final analysis, because the exchange does not provide users with a dimension to make money. Then the change of technology, frequent listing, focus on marketing, it is futile. And KoinPro's innovative mechanism really brings users bonuses, and it is also destined to win the championship in the contract platform war.
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