25 Apr 2020

Hacken AI - Personal Cybersecurity Aplication

Network security market

Global security is expected to reach $ 16,274.0 million by 2022, with an average annual growth of 44.5% from 2016 to 2022. Report on size and future expansion Hybrid of the market in different segments. In this field, economic, scientific and technological branches will develop. Security technology can lead to the emergence of new relationships between components that are harmful to the system.

Difficult problems today
Lacking a lot of high security today, these software are rare and expensive. But despite all of this, the highly competitive nature of the business requires highly qualified personnel to find effective solutions in the shortest possible time. Lack and resource costs for organizations that use or attempt to use security technology.

High power costs. Data and machine learning tasks are often resource-intensive and can be effectively addressed using a large number of graphical processes and / or processes. Using cloud services like Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure can solve this problem, albeit at an extremely high price.

Despite the development of the industry, this is still a complex issue. Security Issues Lack of automatic data integrity and version control. Machine learning algorithms have high security requirements.

Realizing that the cybersecurity industry still has a lot of difficulties to solve, the project team came up with their unique products in the HackenAI project, which improves your personal security with an interactive tool. simple operation .. They create a community of cybersecurity experts, exchange of experience and advanced training.

Introducing HackenAI
Hacken was first introduced in 2017 as a fightback towards hackers who were responsible for one of the biggest ransomware hacks, ‘Petya. Hacken is an organization composed of a community of over 2000 white hat hackers, full-time cybersecurity experts, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Over the last two years, the Hacken team’s Hackenproof Bug Bounty Platform, which, with the help of the community resulted in world-class white hat hackers protecting more than 200 companies and projects including The US Department of Defense, AirAsia, and TradingView.

Hacken is also the only cybersecurity partner of the Data Accountability & Transparency Alliance (DATA). DATA is an alliance co-founded by Coinmarketcap.com, with members consisting of 23 major cryptocurrency exchanges and Hacken as the only strategic entity.

HackenAI is your one-stop-shop for all cybersecurity-related protection. The platform is entirely powered and made possible by the HAI token. HAI is a VIP180 token that is minted with the VeChainThor Blockchain. It’s an extension of the old HKN token and is a utility token used to fuel all activities performed within the HackenAI Platform. 

Protection to users is driven by carefully thought out tokenomics to ensure adequate coverage and fairness to all, being integrated directly into the services offered by the HackenAI platform. HackenAI’s current features include:
  1. CyberBootCamp
  2. Password manager
  3. 2-factor authentication (OTP generation)
  4. Compromised accounts monitoring
  5. Secure storage
  6. VPN service
  7. Non-custodial Crypto Wallet
  8. Digital Asset Viewer/Tracker
  9. Cybersec Marketplace
  10. News and industry alert

HackenAI will also provide you with cyber protection mining. Bad actors maliciously install malware in browsers and software that let them hijack your device to mine and generate cryptocurrencies, severely impacting the performance and security of your device.

Features of HackenAI
  1. Through HackenAI, a user can protect crypto exchange accounts via API policies audit, as well as gather, analyze and manage them from one platform.
  2. When necessary, HackenAI immediately alerts users of impending security threats and dangerous data leaks.
  3. HackenAI can be used on a daily basis for cybersecurity and digital assets tracking purposes.
The cyber security market is gradually dominating the world economic market, there are many companies like this but most of them only work superficially and make a profit for themselves. When they take advantage of customers for their evil purposes. At that time, investors no longer trusted such development companies. 
But for HackenAI, this is a company with a very creative and potential team that has realized the importance of safety to the world, HackenAI will provide the most unique software for the industry. varies on the online store and users will be able to order, buy, train and download these software using their computers. You can completely master it with just one click.

HackenAI is IEO on OceanEx

#OceanEx GO! project — #HAI token sale will start on Apr 13, 2020 21:00(UTC+8).
@HackenAI is the all-in-one continually developing personal cybersecurity application. Special offer for #VeChainThor X Node Holder and #OCE Club Member. #IEO

Utility token HAI

  • HackenAI subscription fee
  • Hacken B2B services payment
  • 3rd party products purchased from HackenAI cybersecurity marketplace
  • Staking program
  • Corporate governance

HackenAI will reward users for the following acts within the platform

  • Educational cybersecurity tasks completion
  • Crypto exchanges cybersecurity reviews
  • Cybersecurity research content
  • Daily platform usage
  • Creative marketing content
But a lot of people ask me, there are so many safer and simpler industries than cybersecurity and why HackenAI chose this industry to develop. Listen, everyone, don’t look outside and you may know the current security issues are urgently needed by companies like HackenAI to combat the famous hackers stealing users’ assets. 
There are many billions of dollars stolen in exchanges. Come to HackenAI and you can rest assured that with the extremely sophisticated security layer will definitely be safe with your money.
The project has a young, enthusiastic team, most of whom have more than 10 years of experience in Blockchain.


The market is going on a lot of fierce competition, because as HackenAI grows, there will be many other companies jealous, jealous when they succeed. But I firmly believe that with the features and enthusiasm of the project, this year 2020 will be a great success year. Follow me on HackenAI

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